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Dying to Live

My left leg feels frail, aches a little bit, doesn’t move quite right but I CAN put weight on it without excruciating pain. Three days ago, I couldn’t. What happened? I don’t know. After more than five hours at the … Continue reading

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Cultivating Mystery

The Clan of the Dreaming Bear met on Monday night. Huh? Simple enough to explain really. We’re a group of humans who gather every other week to open the door to expanded consciousness via Ecstatic Wisdom Postures. The name Clan … Continue reading

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The Trickery Redux

I open the door and follow the path to the right. I’m greeted by a corpse like figure whose face is green black with ash. Though I know who it is, when he tells me he is the ghost of … Continue reading

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The Trickery

I do apologize for leaving you hanging yesterday but I want to spare you from too much reading in one sitting. So there we are, the seven of us, finally ready to send our emissary to the third year group. … Continue reading

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Royal Trickery

    5:30 AM and I wake to titles for posts swirling around my brain. Royal Trickery grabs me by the eyeballs and won’t let my lids close back over them. I wonder about that word, “royal.” It suggests power … Continue reading

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Of Salmon and Spider

“…Why bother worrying? It shortens living. I really do wonder why we all make such a big thing out of so many little things when all we’re doing is preparing to die anyway.” I wrote those sentences in 1986. Seventeen … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Jumping Feet First

I suddenly remembered an image I painted a number of years ago after watching my granddaughter plunge into the muddy, murky, wild water spring fed pond at my Montana home. She had no idea what lay below the surface, but … Continue reading

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Hot Air

“Opposites” delight me. Success and failure, living and dying, scared and sacred. Not contradictions, not dualities but simply the one experience of being aware in my animal body. The ebb and flow of breath and tides, seasons and cycles, thirst … Continue reading

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