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Another Story

The story seems endless. In that way maybe the plotline replicates life. We keep thinking we’ve solved a problem, reached a conclusion, turned a corner only for another something to show up. The story is so long that it helps … Continue reading

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Turning Around

I know the story I want to examine next as I explore “replenishing the practice of wonder,” but that story will have to wait. Serendipity strikes. A different story needs to be written today. And it’s about wonder, too. Befuddlement … Continue reading

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Pursuing Wonder

Twenty-one years old, my Webster’s Dictionary pleads with me to replace it. In this electronic age, new words grow like surburban dandelions and northwest coastal blackberries. I purchase a fat New Oxford American Dictionary. It’s more like an abbreviated encyclopedia with … Continue reading

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Unexpectedly busy day, cleaning house deeply because of  FLEAS ON THE DOGS – something that would never happen if I still lived in Montana. Errands to run before picking the dogs up from the flea dippers. I take myself to … Continue reading

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Wind rips through the screen mesh of the open window. The zzzzzzzzz wakes me. Oh, a thunderstorm. The first one since my big move out of the city. Lying in bed, I enjoy drifting in and out of sleep in … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Jumping Feet First

I suddenly remembered an image I painted a number of years ago after watching my granddaughter plunge into the muddy, murky, wild water spring fed pond at my Montana home. She had no idea what lay below the surface, but … Continue reading

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Wonder Bound

My arms ripple like the underwater river grasses all around me. My right hand holds the wooden paddle which vibrates like a twanged guitar string. Muscles quiver under fibrillating skin. I’m jelly compared to the rapid’s turbulence. “Trust.” “Give myself … Continue reading

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