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Tipping Point

Are we there yet? Seriously, I’m asking: Have we arrived at the Tipping Point? How much more can the planet take, can we people endure, before it’s bad enough that we STOP in our tracks, LOOK at each other, LISTEN … Continue reading

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What’s Your Thread?

I don’t know where time goes. Do you? A month has passed and I need more time so I have left my part time job at an art gallery.  I have no idea how money will flow, but I know … Continue reading

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Dead Zone – Part 1

  At a friend’s birthday party two weeks ago, I reconnect with James and Victoria, dear spiritual kin who live about an hour’s west of where I do. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we haven’t seen each other in … Continue reading

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I honor my June commitment to pray for the salmon regularly by penciling it in on my calendar for the third weekend of each month. That simple act has surprising potency. Hey, I am really going to do this. I … Continue reading

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Unless. . .

I went to see The Lorax yesterday afternoon with my daughter and two granddaughters. I cried. The trees the trees the trees. The message amplified my own urgency to speak for the trees and everything else on this planet. Unless…I loved … Continue reading

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Willow in the Storm

I am so full of this BIG Fearless  painting process. ( I can’t seem to make the link key work today so here’s the link: Moving my painting into manifestation thrills me. What I mean by that is  ” I … Continue reading

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Enchanted by Painting

The RED thread in my life is indeed red, full of engagement and passion, empowering my “AM-ness” in most delightful ways. The online class BIG enthralls me. Connie is my kind of teacher – believes in us, challenges us and … Continue reading

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Threads of Modern Life

Several threads are convening in my life right now. Threads – like currents in the living river – carry me along, weaving my life’s journey without me “raising” a finger. It happens every day, every night, every second. Thread red … Continue reading

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Peaceable Kingdom

On Winter Solstice I held an Ecstatic Wisdom Posture along with a number of others around the globe. We all held a pose called Calling the Spirits while listening to a steady rhythmic beat. Because I was holding the posture … Continue reading

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Cultivating Mystery

The Clan of the Dreaming Bear met on Monday night. Huh? Simple enough to explain really. We’re a group of humans who gather every other week to open the door to expanded consciousness via Ecstatic Wisdom Postures. The name Clan … Continue reading

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