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What is Sacred Activism – Part 3

As I dive into exploring my own expanding sense of what it means to be a Sacred Activist, I land in memory. Like sea grass undulating in dark green currents, I reach for the story to illuminate the memory. Right … Continue reading

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What is Sacred Activism – Part 1

In the September/October 2006 issue of Spirituality and Health magazine, Andrew Harvey in an article on Sacred Activism is quoted as saying: When the coming crisis reveals itself fully, it will threaten us at the most fundamental depths. If we … Continue reading

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Sacred Activism: It’s TIME for ME and YOU

Sacred Activism brings my lifetime of experience into the main current of a strongly flowing river. I have spent much of my life stuck on the bank, unable to jump into the flow and to speak my truth for fear … Continue reading

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You Choose

“All our lives depend on how we choose to live,” I wrote on this blog in the page titled WHY? I haven’t reread that page in several months. I don’t think many readers look beyond the main posting page, so … Continue reading

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Calling the Elders

Last evening our Ecstatic Wisdom Posture group met and someone mentioned it was Equinox. Mouth hanging open, I couldn’t believe I had forgotten the return of Spring. In this temperate region where I now live, every season seems like Spring … Continue reading

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Walking Toward the Garden

Yesterday, during a window of respite from the terrible onslaught of what appeared to be fluey-headcoldy-sinuspainy-sleep inducing illness, I met a few friends for a Matinee that Matters, a wonder-filled opportunity to see thought provoking films at an historic movie … Continue reading

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