BodySinging is an embodied spiritual practice which allows me to
give voice to that which animates my being,  to discover  more of my authentic “Selves.”
I discovered BodySinging quite by accident soon after moving to Montana from Pennsylvania in 1980. As I began to wander in the wild lands near Missoula, I would occasionally stumble upon a place that grabbed me by the throat, so to speak. Sometimes, a great pressure would mount in my head even though I have hardly ever experienced headaches.  Luckily, I discovered that by giving voice – no words, just howls, yowls, growls – the pain would disappear almost instantly. Sometimes epiphanies would occur. Over the course of adventures, I discovered that I could count on certain types of landscapes doing this to me. A decade or so later, words not just sounds would sometimes come. And then, AND THEN, I discovered that I could/would/had to sing words as they flowed through me in order to express my deepest gratitude. The words, rhythms and rhymes simply came from the surround, the eairth. I could see them coming at me sometimes!
Someone overhearing me said, “Oh my, your body is singing, you’re bodysinging” and thus the name was born.
I’ve figured out ways to help other bodies do this, so more of us can open to our greater intelligence. By exploring the energetic terrain of BodySinging, we can fall far beyond the possibilities provided by normal speaking to reveal forgotten dreams , to ease our  discomforts,  to remember our inherent creativity and to nourish aliveness.
In short, BodySinging  is for everyone, especially those who think they can’t sing.
As our BodySinging practice matures, so do we.  Our insights and revelations  sow seeds for our further blossoming and like a skipping stone on water, ripple out to others.
BodySinging is a true act of creation, here now, gone a moment later, never to be recreated nor repeated in exactly the same way, as unique as our fingerprint, our DNA, our voice, our life!
BodySinging honors impulse, spontaneity, intuition, creativity –
the soul of living, the spirit embodied.
BodySinging is all about breathing — the fullness to emptiness
to fullness to emptiness ad infinitum – the ebb, the flow, the ishch, the everything, the all.
though our EgoSelf witnesses the whole thing and may comment afterward.
BodySinging requires the suspension of judgment.That’s easy. By living in the moment, there is no time to judge. You experience the power of allowing yourself to be in the NOW, the joy of embracing your true uniqueness, your sacred “greathood.”
Fear has been described as excitement without the breath.
BodySinging transforms fear into excitement.
Wouldn’t our world be better off if we all knew how to sing our way through?
Please let me know if you have an interest in experiencing this joy-filled, life-affirming, human propensity for singing. I’m ready to offer a class or personal consultations.

5 Responses to BodySinging

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  2. mibsxx says:

    I have to confes, I have no experience of “Body singing,” BUT I do have a very strong urge to move out to the countryside and keep, bees, which are becoming an endangered species here in the UK, I figure this is good old Mother Nature “singing” at me in some way!
    NB..Am actually a tad nervous of large numbers of stinging insects, so my next journey through life will be rather interesting lol!


    • Deborah says:

      Buzzzzzzing back at you, MibDragons…I have a bee story for you – new friends of mine who have a farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State in US have a feral colony of bees who have been living between the studs of a cabin next to their home. The bees have been happily living there for thirteen years and have never stung anyone, though they frequent the fruit trees and the garden…I think you’re going to be gloriously fine and that your bees will recognize you as friend.


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  4. Lovely Deborah, me too. Just setting up……


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