Ecstatic Wisdom Postures

Ecstatic Wisdom Postures have inspired my life since February 1993. I’ll never forget that first experience gathered with a handful of friends in my own living room. Three years later, I was privileged to be certified to teach the practice by Felicitas Goodman, the anthropologist whose discovery this is. Based on our global ancestors’ artwork from pre-agricultural times, this is a grounded spiritual practice accompanied by the rhythmic stimulation of drum/rattle, which our brainwaves “adore.”

My own journey of developing a relationship to the spirit world because of postures can be found in my personal story titled: Epiphany at the Fridge. My chronicle will help you see how this practice might grow to be meaningful for you, too.lady of T

In May 2012 I offered a webinar for the first time. I’ve condensed it into a seventeen minute presentation which you can watch here. It’s filled with my art work, of course, to illustrate my story telling. I describe how ecstatic wisdom postures
hone our capacity for ecstasy, a skill we have largely lost as modern humans. I point out that ecstasy deprivation leads to all kinds of ills, including addictions.
Then I show you how ecstasy relates to wisdom and a healed relationship between Self and Ego.  I’d love to hear what you think of these perspectives.

Instructions are here in a FREE booklet called Good Medicine for our Time. Gives an overview about the importance of this practice and describes how to get started with a group of your friends at home.
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For inspirational video interviews with Felicitas, who died in 2005 at the age of 91, you can go to YouTube. This is the first one in a series of seven.

You can certainly try a pose at home but it’s always richer to join a group with a seasoned instructor for your first experience with this potent practice. That could be ME! I started with Postures in 1993 and have never stopped. The practice never ceases to amaze me. I’m happy to travel to your home town to give a weekend workshop and will be offering a Foundation Course here on Bainbridge Island near Seattle soon. In the meantime, our regional group for those who already practice postures meets once a month. contact me for more info.

10 Responses to Ecstatic Wisdom Postures

  1. augustlake says:

    Hello Deborah! Ah, finally got around to reading your lovely synopsis about postures and I cannot wait to have the experience myself. I have a better grasp now of what you have been sharing with me in this regard. I love most the quote you included by Dr. Goodman, “In the long run…humans cannot tolerate ecstasy deprivation.” This really resonates with me…I think the lack of ecstatic experience is much to blame for addiction, and our reliance on alcohol/drugs (sex, shopping, gambling, etc.)…Our culture seems to condone these types of altered states (if kept in-check), while scorning practices such as chanting, ecstatic dancing, and other “natural” forms of altered experience. But like dreaming/REM sleep, we must find a way to achieve ecstatic experience for our emotional/spiritual/mental/physical well-being. And working with postures (much like shamanic drumming/journeying) seems like a great way to achieve this.


    • Deborah says:

      thank you, so much for your comments, “A.” I look forward to sharing Postures with you. When you have a chance to look at the powerpoint, you’ll learn more about my views of ecstasy as well. I’ve begun drafting a new paradigm of psychology, called Ecstatic Psychology. Gives the ego a more reasonable place in our system.


  2. Loretta Young says:

    Thank you for explaining and connecting me with this information. This type of work is right in line with the shifts and changes that are occurring within myself as well as the planet. I look forward to learning and participating in this process.


  3. Belinda Gore says:

    Just outstanding Deborah. Your artwork is just the right imagery to enrich the information about the postures. What a great tool for introducing people to the work we love!


  4. Robin says:

    Hi Deborah,
    I really enjoyed reading what you’ve written here and the power point. It certainly does carry a great archetypal wisdom and connection w/ earth and greater self. Thanks.



    • Deborah says:


      So very good to hear from you AND congratulations on your big adventure. I hope you and your new home visit me in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll sing 4 JOY! warm wishes…


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