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Grooving on the Healing Nature of Art

  Our well being, and our planet’s, depends on creating our asses off. I’m serious! We need to bring beauty back. We need to honor the spontaneous expression of wonder and surprise. We need to remember what makes us hummmmmm, … Continue reading

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What’s Your Thread?

I don’t know where time goes. Do you? A month has passed and I need more time so I have left my part time job at an art gallery.  I have no idea how money will flow, but I know … Continue reading

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Oh my, I am so happy. I painted the magic and I did learn something new. I knew I would if I painted this memory and it may not seem like much to you, but to me, it hones my … Continue reading

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Out of the Closet

What’s a blogger to do when hit by the proverbial writer’s block? This one comes up with myriad excuses: *Nov 18th gets used up by babysitting my grandson all morning, an afternoon of meetings and then an evening spent socializing … Continue reading

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The Trickery Continued

The hag cracks my head open with the stone. She slices me vertically from stem to stern, splitting me in two, metaphorically speaking! I’m liberated. Opened up. Free. The hag says, “Go, go out into the world, but be mindful … Continue reading

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The Trickery Redux

I open the door and follow the path to the right. I’m greeted by a corpse like figure whose face is green black with ash. Though I know who it is, when he tells me he is the ghost of … Continue reading

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The Trickery

I do apologize for leaving you hanging yesterday but I want to spare you from too much reading in one sitting. So there we are, the seven of us, finally ready to send our emissary to the third year group. … Continue reading

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