Oracle Deck

We ordered a second printing
and the new and improved decks have arrived!
The box is easier to open with lovely half moon openings in the lid
so your thumbs can grab the bottom as you lift the top.


And the booklet now is bound rather than stapled.

bindingSo what is this oracle deck all about?

Here’s a synopsis:
39 women, intuitive painters representing 6 countries and 3 continents,
painted 44 images inspired by their hearts and souls
in response to a call from Jill Chesrow, a member of a Facebook group called Painting Tribe. This Facebook group is for students who’ve taken online classes with Connie Hozvicka ( now named Connie Solera ) of Dirty Footprints Studio.  Jill had a vision. She knew she couldn’t manifest it by herself and extended an invitation to anyone in the Tribe who wanted to contribute. 38 of us raised our “virtual” hands and three months later we’d produced a deck of oracle cards of uncommon majesty, wisdom, artistry and uniqueness. Co-created, embued with trust for the process of living, blessed by serendipity and miracles, each woman, facing her doubts and fears, met deadlines and followed through on commitments. The whole card deck carries a depth of realness, compassion for the human condition, and love, lighting up everyone who touches them.

 Really, it’s true. You can experience that for yourself when you open the box. And of course the gold edges are sublime! I offer you glimpses of the variety of images below.
Below you can barely read two titles, Thread and Cracking Open. They’re my paintings.


Fearless Sisters Oracle Card Decks: Awakening to your Divine Self $25.00 @
if I can hand deliver to you.
$29.95 includes shipping/handling. 

To order the decks from me, please contact me via email: You can pay with a credit card via PayPal or send me a check. PayPal is totally easy by the way and requires no membership. I just send you an invoice by return email and you click on the appropriate buttons.

Melissa Dowling in Australia will happily take orders for those of you living on her continent. Contact her here:

5 Responses to Oracle Deck

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  4. Jewels says:

    Hi, Is this lovely deck still in print ?


    • Deborah says:

      Thanks for your query, Jewels. I still have a few decks of our second edition printing available – only about 2000 decks all together in this world! And there really should be a whole lot more because their inspiration is priceless. But since we’re a tribe of volunteers and only a few of us really LOVE to sell them, there probably won’t be a third printing. Contact me at if you’re interested in purchasing a deck. PayPal or check both work.Hoping to get a market place button here soon but not available yet. thanks again.


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