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A Boy and his Hippo

I agree with Deepak Chopra in the Mythic Journeys film. He says, and I paraphrase of course, that our collective soul is hurting and we need a new story to heal it. I think the animals are showing us, literally … Continue reading

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Peaceable Kingdom

On Winter Solstice I held an Ecstatic Wisdom Posture along with a number of others around the globe. We all held a pose called Calling the Spirits while listening to a steady rhythmic beat. Because I was holding the posture … Continue reading

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Our Animal Selves

It’s snowing today! It’s snowing today and the temperature hovers at freezing here on Bainbridge Island in the Pacific Northwest. It almost feels like real winter and my dogs and I are smiling! With the Montana climate deep in our … Continue reading

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Cultivating Mystery

The Clan of the Dreaming Bear met on Monday night. Huh? Simple enough to explain really. We’re a group of humans who gather every other week to open the door to expanded consciousness via Ecstatic Wisdom Postures. The name Clan … Continue reading

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Looking Up

That term, “looking up”, has me hooked today. Two of my favorite bloggers have used that term recently and it reminded me of some of my posts in the fall of 2010 about Eairth. Check out Kate Shrewsday. She starts … Continue reading

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New Storylines

Interesting that of the top five most popular posts on my blog, two begin the past two new years. No Detours, January 8th 2011, described in my last post and Creation Stories and the Sacrifice of Creation, written January 1st, … Continue reading

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No Detours Revisited

Wonderful WordPress has sent me my yearly statistics – I love their excitement for my blog, their enthusiasm for my progress. I was actually kind of surprised that I only posted 29 times this past year. I thought I’d written … Continue reading

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