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There’s a Story Waiting

We return to the teepee for three more posture experiences in the next twenty-four hours. I’ll describe two of them in this post. We encounter our mythic selves more deeply by experiencing the birthing posture. One of my favorites, this particular … Continue reading

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Mythic Beings Arrive

Returning to our process under the bower, we start sharing the stories of our encounters in non-ordinary reality. Quickly, we realize that we are truly setting out on an unknown journey – our ceremony will be peopled by mythic beings. … Continue reading

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The Woman at the Gate

V, whose bower this is in a manner of speaking, rubs the trance from her eyes. Rising to her feet and shrugging her shoulders, she says, “I need to go to her. I bet it’s our neighbor. She’s deeply religious.” … Continue reading

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The Following Day

Morning dawns with summer perfection. We decide to hold our next posture outdoors to connect more deeply with the sensory delight of our earthly home. A bower beckons. The dictionary tells me that a bower means both “a pleasant shady … Continue reading

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Giving Voice

Holding a posture that looks like this,* we tilt our heads, open our mouths, close our eyes and sing, “Ahhhhhh,” when the rattle and drum beat begins. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Ahhhhhhh…Ahh….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The drum and rattle hold the center of the belly rich sound … Continue reading

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