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Vagaries of this Morning

Two mornings a week I care for my almost two year old grandson. After twenty-eight years of living far away from most of my kids, this is a novel and rare privilege. It’s important for me to arrive on time, … Continue reading

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Polyphony Revisited

The dogs and I scamper (well, I only kind of scamper – I mostly walk fast, throw a stick for Omi, and keep tabs on Taka. ) through a jabbering rain forest creaking and groaning against the wind. I suddenly … Continue reading

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Alarm Clock

 I’m climbing out on that proverbial limb. I’m changing the title of this blog. Look above. See??? I want to wake you up. Instead of being the canary in the coal mine, I am an alarm clock, one of … Continue reading

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Human Humble

Here’s the link to the relevant article I mentioned a day ago written by Four Arrows, aka Don Trent Jacobs. It’s titled: “Anthropocentrism’s Antidote, Reclaiming our Indigenous Orientation to Non-Human Teachers.” I still haven’t found my copy of it because I … Continue reading

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Of Wolf and Salmon

Going straight to the past, I share with you, today, more from my journal written during the Spirit Bear Pilgrimage in 2002. Today, that past, seems completely present, as it probably is, still occurring there as it always has in … Continue reading

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Of Bear and Salmon

Where do the days go? Really, where??? Are they scrolled up at the edge of the world waiting for history to assess them? Have they dropped into the molten cauldron at the center of the earth or flung themselves past … Continue reading

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Of Salmon and Spider

“…Why bother worrying? It shortens living. I really do wonder why we all make such a big thing out of so many little things when all we’re doing is preparing to die anyway.” I wrote those sentences in 1986. Seventeen … Continue reading

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My viscous cold lingers and I swear it’s starting to slow my brain down, to cover my synapses with goop and generally make a muckery of my ability to think clearly. Yesterday it seemed a wonderful idea to continue sharing … Continue reading

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Still Far from Home

Pandemonium erupts. Nurses holding me on either side, I totter to the delivery room but not before one last stop at the toilet. Agony that. It actually seems possible to me that the baby could fall into the toilet. It’s … Continue reading

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Coming Back

I begin the slow return to embracing my animal nature with the birthing process of my children. Still living in Philadelphia area, it’s the early 1960’s now. There are no natural childbirth classes yet, but there is talk of breastfeeding. … Continue reading

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