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Suburban Avalanche

When they’re snug inside their home by the hearth, reading or writing maybe, cooking dinner, perhaps creating art, they don’t expect to die by avalanche.  They’ve lived at the base of a mountain for thirty years, weathered all kinds of … Continue reading

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Grooving on the Healing Nature of Art

  Our well being, and our planet’s, depends on creating our asses off. I’m serious! We need to bring beauty back. We need to honor the spontaneous expression of wonder and surprise. We need to remember what makes us hummmmmm, … Continue reading

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Cultivating Mystery

The Clan of the Dreaming Bear met on Monday night. Huh? Simple enough to explain really. We’re a group of humans who gather every other week to open the door to expanded consciousness via Ecstatic Wisdom Postures. The name Clan … Continue reading

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There’s a Story Waiting

We return to the teepee for three more posture experiences in the next twenty-four hours. I’ll describe two of them in this post. We encounter our mythic selves more deeply by experiencing the birthing posture. One of my favorites, this particular … Continue reading

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Gossamer Threads

My friend flies in from Boise to assist at the ceremony, Re-Storying our Modern Lives – a Ceremony to Renew a Living Myth for Eairth. She’s suffered a lot recently, so we walk a nearby beach to ground ourselves in … Continue reading

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In the Deeps

A little more than a year ago, I moved from the dry, wild mountains and plains of Montana to the watery world of the Pacific Northwest. I’m still astounded by the differences.  While the mountains draw me up, the waters … Continue reading

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Day Blind

In five more days, not only will it be winter Solstice but it will also be a year since I started this blog. Not many of you read it last December, and because darkness still calls me with its power, … Continue reading

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To Be or Not

Salmon, salmon, salmon. Where are they? Out in the Sound, how many struggle to find their way home to these tiny creeks? We’ve had rain in the past week. The stream bed flows with more water and a faster current. … Continue reading

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Wind rips through the screen mesh of the open window. The zzzzzzzzz wakes me. Oh, a thunderstorm. The first one since my big move out of the city. Lying in bed, I enjoy drifting in and out of sleep in … Continue reading

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