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Becoming Whole – Part 6: What is our True Nature?

On March 4th, 2023, a small group gathered at the base of a former blackberry slope to learn about plans for watershed restoration.  As we disbanded, an old friend joined me on the trail. Talk of salmon surfaced – how … Continue reading

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Becoming Whole – Part 5

3/20/23 – Equinox NH Spring/SH Autumn.  Both hemispheres experience the same balance of light and dark. What a precious moment…a globe unified by cycles of seasons.********************* Insecurity destroys relationships.For approximately the last 2000 years, our dominant, Eurocentric, Northern Hemisphere culture … Continue reading

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Becoming Whole – #4

In our Western, Euro-centric, North American, dominant, competitive, capitalistic culture, feelings have been categorized as weak, contemptable, irrational, uncivilized, etc. The feeling we call love has been relegated to a commercial holiday once a year. We’ve been taught, in one … Continue reading

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