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What’s Your Thread?

I don’t know where time goes. Do you? A month has passed and I need more time so I have left my part time job at an art gallery.  I have no idea how money will flow, but I know … Continue reading

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I honor my June commitment to pray for the salmon regularly by penciling it in on my calendar for the third weekend of each month. That simple act has surprising potency. Hey, I am really going to do this. I … Continue reading

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Making Prayers for the Salmon

Six weeks have flown without posting. EEEEgad. Summer is my only excuse and the fact that I’m working two part time jobs. So as I begin to write again, I shift gears. Those of you who follow my blog know … Continue reading

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Calling the Elders

Last evening our Ecstatic Wisdom Posture group met and someone mentioned it was Equinox. Mouth hanging open, I couldn’t believe I had forgotten the return of Spring. In this temperate region where I now live, every season seems like Spring … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Fishes Gone?

My mind meanders as I drive home fast on slick highways in the raining dark, bedazzled by rubies ahead of me and diamonds racing toward me on the other side of the median strip. This dazzling world of shifting forms … Continue reading

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To Be or Not

Salmon, salmon, salmon. Where are they? Out in the Sound, how many struggle to find their way home to these tiny creeks? We’ve had rain in the past week. The stream bed flows with more water and a faster current. … Continue reading

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Touched by the Unexpected

My last post, oh so long ago on the 27th of October, shares the vagaries that ordinary life plays on us from time to time, or maybe moment to moment. And that theme has continued since. Later that same day, … Continue reading

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Of Salmon and Spider

“…Why bother worrying? It shortens living. I really do wonder why we all make such a big thing out of so many little things when all we’re doing is preparing to die anyway.” I wrote those sentences in 1986. Seventeen … Continue reading

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My viscous cold lingers and I swear it’s starting to slow my brain down, to cover my synapses with goop and generally make a muckery of my ability to think clearly. Yesterday it seemed a wonderful idea to continue sharing … Continue reading

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