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The Blessing

A milestone – my last painting is finished for BIG. Painting The Blessing focused and calmed me as I prepared to contribute to my friend J’s Celebration of Life yesterday. And, you dear readers of this blog, don’t know yet … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Detour

Intense, these last two weeks. On Monday, April 9th, I  birthed a baby of sorts: an online community called Dive IN. . .to the Wisdom of Ecstatic Postures at On Saturday evening, April  14th, a dear friend unexpectedly died. … Continue reading

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BIG in Another Way

I was on the radio on Monday! And it corroborates the BIGNESS I’m feeling induced by the art class I’ve been chronicling of late. I’m so pleased. Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver interviewed me on his new radio show  Gaialogue Radio,  hosted … Continue reading

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Strength of the Elder

Wow, what a week in BIG…Morning pages every day AND contour drawings of ourselves. This touches me deeply. I have to record myself as the elder woman that I am, all those wrinkles shaping my skin over my bones. I … Continue reading

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Eye Contact

This week in BIG, we’re beginning each day by drawing in our journals. Kind of like Julia Cameron’s morning pages. I realize I’ve only done it for two days, but so far, I love starting the day with drawing while … Continue reading

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Unless. . .

I went to see The Lorax yesterday afternoon with my daughter and two granddaughters. I cried. The trees the trees the trees. The message amplified my own urgency to speak for the trees and everything else on this planet. Unless…I loved … Continue reading

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