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Life is Indeed…

Dear Ones, I’ve been preoccupied of late writing my book…yes, yes, I’m spending a portion of each day, articulating my own evolutionary journey with my own psyche. I’m excited to have a clear sense of purpose and focus at last. … Continue reading

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The Woman at the Gate

V, whose bower this is in a manner of speaking, rubs the trance from her eyes. Rising to her feet and shrugging her shoulders, she says, “I need to go to her. I bet it’s our neighbor. She’s deeply religious.” … Continue reading

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Pursuing Wonder

Twenty-one years old, my Webster’s Dictionary pleads with me to replace it. In this electronic age, new words grow like surburban dandelions and northwest coastal blackberries. I purchase a fat New Oxford American Dictionary. It’s more like an abbreviated encyclopedia with … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Jumping Feet First

I suddenly remembered an image I painted a number of years ago after watching my granddaughter plunge into the muddy, murky, wild water spring fed pond at my Montana home. She had no idea what lay below the surface, but … Continue reading

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