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This post is dedicated to my elder son, who lives far away on the other side of the continent. Your West Coast family misses you and your family, Dave! The image leading this post was inspired by him. He crafted … Continue reading

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Oh my I have missed writing for you, missed imagining that you are reading my words and resonating – like harp strings across this globe. I have been deflected. I guess that’s obvious. And I’m thrilled by the reason I’ve … Continue reading

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My viscous cold lingers and I swear it’s starting to slow my brain down, to cover my synapses with goop and generally make a muckery of my ability to think clearly. Yesterday it seemed a wonderful idea to continue sharing … Continue reading

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Creation Stories and the Sacrifice of Creation

January 1, 2010 Storynight in the storyhut – a mythic structure and transporter all by itself – bundled around the fire, full moon blue shadows on the canvas walls dancing with the yellow-orange flame flickers inside, singing home our ancestors … Continue reading

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