What’s Your Thread?

I don’t know where time goes. Do you?


A month has passed and I need more time so I have left my part time job at an art gallery.  I have no idea how money will flow, but I know it will. I need more time to live a meaningful life, guided by intuition and the wisdom of the natural world around me, painting and writing to express the inexpressible, to speak for those who are mute like mycelia, oxygen, salmon, turtles, and trees, to inspire others to do the same.


My commitment to praying for salmon on the third weekend of every month gives a rhythm to my weeks. I am making time to create ritual for an ongoing-ever-deepening purpose and it feels good, right – somehow important despite my singularity.

September’s prayer weekend coincided with equinox and that gave an additional edge. What is balance? How do we bring balance back to the natural cycles? Who and what are we humans to this earth anyway? We are beauty makers and meaning makers at the same time we are wreakers of havoc.

rad joy birdI am constantly bemused by questions only we humans can ask: What is our job here? What is our worth when the planet would thrive without us?

My job is to remember my dependency.

As I hike the trail back from the mudflats an epiphany showers me with “aha’s”. I am NOT praying for salmon but for us humans.

canine tracksraccoonmy tracks

I am sending my compassionate support to all those choosing to say, “What the f— am I doing to the natural systems that support me?” Ripping up another forest to plant a shopping center.  Losing myself online instead of sharing laughter with a neighbor.  Working at my desk until it’s too late to read my children to sleep or share the day’s stories with my partner. “What the F— am I doing?”

I pray for humans to come to their senses, literally and figuratively. I pray that we choose to live fully embodied lives rather than ones dominated by the head’s ego. I pray that we choose to remember what our ancestors knew:  giving back to the land is necessary for nature to continue providing.

light shadow

Science confirms that all life is inextricably and intricately intertwined, yet, we “moderns” keep taking as if there is no need to repay our debt.

As I walk back to the car, I recognize my own seamlessness with the world around me. My living and my dying belong to it. I am not cut out to be society’s paper doll propped up by the pretense of self-sufficiency, boundless abundance and endless happiness. Instead, I am plump with paradox and lean with simple truth: love IS the life force streaming through me, trees, rivers, creatures and the cosmos. Though my time here is brief, everything I do matters to that one great thread.

When I nourish the world, I strengthen the web which nourishes me.

smal thread

About Deborah

Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D. is an artist, mentor, and eco-psychologist, mother of four and grandmother of eight.
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6 Responses to What’s Your Thread?

  1. James Lawer says:

    Deborah, Hello long time. I would love to make a link on my new website to yours.  As mine develops, I want to send people your way. Would that be okay with you? James   James Lawer   /|\ 10 Park Avenue  #24-D New York, NY  10016 917.272.7681 http://www.druidwalker.org

    Embrace the darkness growing stronger As we descend to gripping roots of winter. How good to attend whispers of deepening nights, Brittle branches cracking, the tingle of crisping frosts, Shivers with the hush of snow owls, silent hunters, Silken on cold air, luminous shadows slipping through grey hollows. How good to attend the dark lady.

    >________________________________ > From: The Wisdom of Not Knowing Everything >To: jameslawer@sbcglobal.net >Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 3:20 PM >Subject: [New post] What’s Your Thread? > > > > WordPress.com >Deborah posted: “I don’t know where time goes. Do you? A month has passed and I need more time so I have left my part time job at an art gallery.  I have no idea how money will flow, but I know it will. I need more time to live a meaningful life, guided by intuitio” >


    • Deborah says:

      James, of course, of course. I have just begun skimming your new website to see all the incredible work you are doing in the world. I am so happy for you and Kevin and Ecstatic Postures and acknowledge the big progress you have made on birthing the Druid College. I would be honored to have you link my website to yours and will do the same. Miss you mightily and am so glad to hear from you.


  2. Maggie Johnson says:

    Thank you Deborah, for another beautiful reminder of who I am. I especially appreciated the aha moment when you realized you were not praying for the salmon but for humans. I feel this way every time I think I’m praying for this beautiful Earth Mother, only to realize my prayers are for myself and all two leggeds. The Earth and the salmon know how to live in balance. May they pray for us! I love the intentionality of every third weekend – I must borrow this idea. Many blessings. Maggie


    • Deborah says:

      Maggie, Thank you so much for your comment. You woke me up with your lovely sentiment: May (the salmon ) pray for us! I love the notion that the other creatures are gathered together offering us their blessings and wisdom and forgiveness. YES…Really the full circle. And you mention you might borrow the idea of this rhythmic intentionality…Please do AND I have just heard from an Australian woman who has begun something similar and in the last few hours we have mentionned the idea of coordinating our dates. In the same 24 hours each month, we could each be offering up our prayers in whatever way is uniquely grounded and inspired AND we would have the joy of knowing we were accompanied by others elsewhere. This could grow into something big! Warmest wishes, Maggie, and let me know what you decide to do.


  3. Ms. Deborah,

    I am woven into your story with my longing and my knowing. you speak the truth. we share a deep love for this land and this life. honored to be on this journey with you.


    • Deborah says:

      Jeanie, Jeanie, thank you for feeling woven into my story which is your story AND I want to invite you to “join” us this coming Saturday with your own prayers/song. I’m thrilled to have Jane Cunningham share that she has just begun singing for a river in Australia and it occurred to us that, like Prayer Painting with Hali Karla, we could do it during the same 24 hour period in our respective locales each month. Would you like to join us? Oh oh maybe I can make a facebook page for us…oh oh…who knows where this gathering of synergies will pull us. loving you and hoping maybe we can get together in Nov or Dec for sharing in person.


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