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To be animal . . .or not

The memory of learning that I was an animal, a mammal to be exact, still rivets me. The impact lies in my bones deeply but with a significance that’s hard to articulate. There’s a key somewhere in this memory which … Continue reading

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Being Animal

“Like night cracked open by the shout of day,” epiphanies change me from one state to another. When I was six or seven, I learned I was an animal. I’ll tell the story after I tell you about the author … Continue reading

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Tree Talk

The words below belong to my friend, Jaems, a Druid priest in CA. He replied to my recent post: Words or No  Words. Eloquent, his story, with words of course, which is partly why this is all so funny to … Continue reading

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Simple illness, the kinds we all succumb to from time to time and from which we emerge in a few days, those simple illnesses give gifts. This cold, for me, gifts me with a day of time and solitude. I’ve … Continue reading

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Words or No Words

Time for that story I’ve been promising in pursuit of replenishing the practice of wonder. We crawl back into the sweat lodge for the third round. Dripping with my own sweat and feeling a bit melty/crusty with a coating of … Continue reading

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Walking Toward the Garden

Yesterday, during a window of respite from the terrible onslaught of what appeared to be fluey-headcoldy-sinuspainy-sleep inducing illness, I met a few friends for a Matinee that Matters, a wonder-filled opportunity to see thought provoking films at an historic movie … Continue reading

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