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The Posture Itself

So here we are, nervously and eagerly, anticipating what will happen next. We know the rhythm drives our nervous system and the specific posture we hold reliably opens the door to a specific neighborhood of what we call Alternate Reality. … Continue reading

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Living World Stories

I began this post on May 22, 2011. Here it is June, nearly mid June already. Weeks and weeks have flown by with too many deep thoughts, new possibilities and unexpected connections making my head spin. How can I possibly … Continue reading

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Living in Balance

The Ides of March are upon us. I think Shakespeare has something to do with it. A time of profundity but I’ve forgotten why. How pitiful is that? As we approach the balance of light and dark, our weather suggests that … Continue reading

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Alarm Clock

 I’m climbing out on that proverbial limb. I’m changing the title of this blog. Look above. See??? I want to wake you up. Instead of being the canary in the coal mine, I am an alarm clock, one of … Continue reading

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