Choice Point

“The ecological crisis is calling us to a deeper kind of revolution. Its strategy involves restoring…our felt understanding of the living intelligence and interconnectedness of all things. To not feel that…is to live in poverty.” Charles Eisenstein,  Climate – a New Story


“When it comes to things spiritual, paradox is always a good thing. It strikes at the heart of our compulsions to control. It also invites humor in and defuses temptations to excessive literalism and religious zealotry…” Matthew Fox, Naming the Unnameable

eco self

 “As I reflect on my own life’s journey, I discover my own seamlessness with the world around me. My living and my dying belong to it. I am not cut out to be society’s paper doll propped up by the pretense of self-sufficiency and boundless abundance. Instead, I am plump with paradox and lean with simple truth: love IS the life force streaming through me, trees, rivers, creatures and the cosmos. Though my time here is brief, everything I do matters to that one great thread. When I nourish the world, I strengthen the fabric that nourishes me.”  Deborah Milton , oracle deck message booklet —Awakening to your Divine Self: Wisdom and Love from your Fearless Sisters


Those three quotations touch on the reasons I can hardly wait to bring Choice Point into existence. That’s the year long course Kathryn Lafond, my colleague and friend,  and I have planned. I can hardly wait to gather in community to explore our lives in the context of our pivotal time on the planet. As a species we travel in uncharted territory where, for the first time in recorded history, memes* contribute more to our evolvement than genes. It is the stories we live by that plot our cultural values and craft our inner landscapes. As authors of our own life stories, we can imagine new storylines that open our hearts, awaken our felt sense of interconnectedness with the living world around us, nourish a deep well of true communion with the beloved within and contribute to the rebirthing of our culture.

Our year long journey will expand our sense of self far beyond what we can imagine at our starting point. By coming together with humility and courage, a sense of playfulness and a willingness to explore, we will summit mountains of being-ness, roam grasslands of expansiveness and float rivers of aliveness, all reached more easily by traveling as a group of friends. Our time spent together will be a spirit- assisted journey to a more fully embodied self, which allows us to contribute to the midwifing of a new global human culture in which love is true north and interbeing is the compass.

Then we can truly call ourselves sacred activists.

Choice Point



*According to online Websters Dictionary memes are
an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. Another use of the word meme is as an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media Memes (discrete units of knowledge, gossip, jokes and so on) are to culture what genes are to life. Just as biological evolution is driven by the survival of the fittest genes in the gene pool, cultural evolution may be driven by the most successful memes.— Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins may have written that quote in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. Now, more than 40 years later, we are witnessing how memes can literally change the evolution of our species once dictated only by genes. The discovery of insulin as a treatment for juvenile diabetes is an example.


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Hatching Peace

Way back in 1998, before the internet had captured our attention so completely, Trebbe Johnson wrote a manifesto called the Gaia Enlightenment. Hard copy style. Sold for a dollar a piece! My last copy surfaced last week when I thought to show it to a visiting friend. She was blown away by the wisdom and beauty, so I reread it myself this morning.

Powerful indeed. 20 years later the message is more important than ever because we humans still do not widely acknowledge our alienation from the ground that supports us. As we search for ways to experience our fullest selves, we forget to look to the most important source of wisdom and beauty: NATURE.

Trebbe says, “Nature is the force that literally keeps us alive…How can we manifest our true human nature when we ignore primal Nature all around us? It is as if we were trying to craft a ship by expending great care on the sails, keel, mast and frame, while forgetting to build the hull. We are overlooking the foundation that keeps us afloat in our world. And why do we go to experts for enlightenment when we could turn to the wisest and most accessible mentor of all – that same great provider – Nature?”

So I want to thank Trebbe Johnson for initiating the Global Earth Exchange, (GEX) which she began 9 years ago to help us modern, urban humans reconnect to our Mother, Nature.

Last Saturday, June 16th, 2018 , for this year’s GEX, we met at the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. This particular place represents the wounding of fear caused by human separation from the “other”. It doesn’t seem to matter what the “other” is. As long as there is the notion of otherness, fear rises. Nidoto Nai Yoni – let it not happen again – became our chant as we made origami peace cranes to take with us to the beach, Pritchard Park, which is contiguous with the Memorial. This beach represents the wounding of greed, ignorance and short sightedness caused by human separation from the ground of our being, Earth.

Now a superfund site due to creosote contamination, we gathered on the beach next to the old manufacturing plant and drew a giant water wheel mandala by walking it out with our bare feet. The center circle became our place of prayer as we made a large crane from whatever we found on the beach, including trash. As we began making our artful radjoy bird, an eagle chased by crows flew over, suggesting to me how many small ones gathered together can change the mind of a more powerful predator. Like GEX, each small community’s contribution is amplified and strengthened by all the heartfelt others around the globe purpose-fully loving their homes during the same time frame.

We knew the origami cranes were to be included in our beauty making. As the inner circle was outlined with golden leaves of the dying madrona trees lined up by the chain link fence, someone counted the cranes. We had eight, the same number as the annual markers of the eight seasonal shifts celebrated by many cultures. Same number as the cardinal directions. Before we knew it, eight scalloped, golden “nests” were made as homes for our cranes. Someone cried out: “Look, we’re hatching peace.”

As our final act, we took turns spiraling the golden yarn from the red heart rock of the rad joy peace crane, each of us verbally expressing our blessings and prayers as we patted the yarn into the seaweed chestbelly of our bird. As we completed our ceremony, a lone heron flew over, headed for its roost on the far side of the harbor.

“May all humans return home,” seemed an appropriate final prayer.

We didn’t want to leave the yarn as a potential threat to creatures, so when our ceremony was finished, we cut the yarn into equal lengths for each of us to take home. The next day two of us used that yarn to bind paper prayers onto prayer sticks which were released over a cliff to the winds high up in the Olympic Mountains. Global Earth Exchange reverence and love carried even farther. Such a joy!

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Imaginal Selves

Eeeegad,it’s been six years since I wrote an earlier version of this piece for a June 2012 newsletter. It also appeared in this blog during the same year. The call to show up as an imaginal self to support the evolution of humanity is more urgent now than it has ever been. That call is also an important theme in my new art book about to be published: Ode to Gaia. I’m still not sure of the sub-title, though I appreciate reader, Anahata’s, suggestion: Living Beyond Self. This is the current view of the proposed front cover with the original subtitle. I’d be happy for feedback.
Ode cover (730x800)

Here’s a new and improved version of my post calling forth the imaginal selves of our evolving species.


Imaginal cells – have you heard of them? I attended an Earth and Spirit conference in Oregon in 1989 and heard the biologist, Elizabet Sahtouris speak. She described imaginal cells, the cells which carry the butterfly blueprint to the caterpillar.  When the butterfly’s imaginal cells begin gathering and the caterpillar first notices them, the caterpillar becomes a voracious eater, consuming everything in sight and eventually becoming so bloated she stiffens and weaves the cocoon around himself.

Metaphorically, doesn’t this sound like our current cultural need to gobble up goods?

When those first imaginal cells appear, the caterpillar’s desperation drives it to eat and eat while the caterpillar’s immune response automatically kicks in and tries to destroy the imaginal cells.  But the imaginal cells keep showing up.  Finally there are so many that the caterpillar’s immune cells can no longer fight them off – that’s when caterpillar soup begins bubbling and that little living being is neither here nor there…another fine metaphor to help us grasp why our contemporary culture in the USA seems amorphous, insensitive, chaotic and incoherent.

It IS.

And more and more of us imaginal selves need to show up to help us humans reach the evolutionary tipping point.

Thankfully, on a global level, we imaginal selves are showing up everywhere. We need millions more in our country of the USA, but I have hope. All it takes is people expressing love, faith in something greater and more miraculous than ourselves, compassion, community and tender awareness of supporting the web of life which supports us  – everywhere amazing people and projects are happening against tremendous odds. I watched a film last night which reminded me of this, reminded me of human dignity and the wisdom of love. One Peace at a Time, – A film about a messed up world…and how we could fix it, written and directed by Turk Pipkin.

I am an imaginal self. How about you?

Despite our technological savvy, faith in virtual realities and robotic solutions to every problem, we modern, urban humans suffer from a host of debilitating symptoms new to the planet. We’re disconnected to the ground we walk upon. Here are a few of the disorienting symptoms I’ve noticed: alienation, numbness, raging fear, depression, fatigue syndromes, meaninglessness, anxiety, helplessness, seasonal affective disorders, and addictions, addictions, and more addictions.

This is the first time in human history when we have actually been aware that we can destroy the future of our own lives. We humans have no idea how to deal with this awareness, nor with that power.

No wonder we go shopping and bury our heads in piles of money.

But we can transform ourselves. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, because quite literally our species may not survive if we don’t change. To arrive at the potential we now have, humanity has changed many times over the history of our existence as two leggeds to be here now with fully functioning rational minds and scientific technologies up the whazoo. But along the evolutionary way we have had to diminish our imaginative, intuitive, wildly creative and deeply spiritual capacities. We must reclaim all of them to be whole. That’s the bottom line. Who will we be with fully functioning brain hemispheres working in harmony, a wholesome relationship between the bodymind and the headbrain, and a fully functioning heart awareness guiding our choices?

I think magnificent!

stories ODE to Gaia (598x800)

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Ode to Gaia

There are so many ways to string words together and so many words from which to choose to make meaning. I can’t winnow them and that makes hard work of editing my first self-published art book . An expanded version of the handcrafted Ode to Gaia I made a year ago, this one has 64 pages instead of 40. includes 12 additional paintings and a new drawing for coloring in. This time, Ode has a subtitle.  I thought it was: Calling Forth our Imaginal Selves.

Two months have passed since I chose that subtitle. I never once considered changing it, until last Friday. My writers’ group met then. They’ve worked on the book with me before, but this time suddenly the subtitle was being bandied about. New strings of words popped in that living room like a bouquet of helium balloons. One enthused: “ I like, ‘A Love Song for Life on the Planet.’” Others glommed onto that one. I did too. It’s inviting, warm & fuzzy and reminds me of the fraternity boys singing under my dorm window a long time ago.

But later…That new subtitle title seemed redundant. An ode suggests the potential for love song. Gaia already implies a living planet with life on it. That subtitle doesn’t hint at the deeper purpose I have in mind. Yes, I want readers to fall in love with the miracle of being alive on Earth. But the greater significance is what that love demands of us.

Love asks us to commit to the beloved and that changes us. We don’t know what will be asked of us or how our lives will be changed by loving.  Loving someone or something often calls for sacrifice, curbing our own enthusiasm, at least for a moment, for the good of the other. We’re asked to be generous with our time and resources, to do whatever it takes to support mutual thriving, to nourish the relationship. Loving calls forth empathy and compassion and those feelings sometimes hurt. To love deeply means also we will be deeply affected by the loss of what we love. We may grieve. In my North American dominant culture, we are not taught that grievng is a blessing that cracks the heart open to deeper loving, greater wisdom.

Many hold love at bay because they don’t want to deal with the hard stuff, but I see no reason to fear it.  Systems theory and contemporary science reveal what the ancients knew all along: everything is connected. Thus, I know that my commitment to nourish and protect the beloved, also nourishes and protects me.


So if we love life on Earth and we know Earth is hurting, we need to do something to heal the wounds. And that means changing our consumptive life style. Ode to Gaia poses a series of “What if…” questions to inspire new possibilities for how to live that nourish our human relationship to life. Frankly, I’m asking humanity to grow-up. It’s time to move beyond our adolescent, self-centered behaviors, and choose instead to live within the living limits of this glorious globe. We have no way of knowing whether we have already tipped beyond the carrying capacity for human life on Earth, but without changing our ways NOW, human catastrophe is inevitable. The planet will thrive without us. Species now on the verge of extinction will flourish again and plant life will take back urban sprawl.

Remember, Gaia doesn’t need us. We need her!

Homo-sapiens is not the final form of human evolution. Imagine us humans with our heart intelligence aligned with our belly wisdom which collaborates with our brain knowledge and sensory awareness. WOW. We can become a wiser and more fully functioning version of who we have been. So I want that sub title of the Ode book to state clearly that I’m calling for a commitment from modern humans to do whatever loving life requires. Maybe that’s it:  Making a Commitment to Change our Lives for the Love of Life.


Ode to Gaia: Changing our Lives for the Love of Living

Ode to Gaia: Calling Forth our Commitment to Change Because We Love Life.

Ode to Gaia: A Call to Humanity to Commit Ourselves to Life.

Ode to Gaia – A Call to Midwife the NEW Human

Ode to Gaia – Calling Forth the Eco-Centric Human

Ode to Gaia – Choosing a New Story for Humanity

Do you see what I mean about all those words…

What think ye?









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Deep Dreaming

In the Fall of 2017, two women sat at my art table learning the skills of drawing. Their eyes sparkled like enthusiastic kids’. They’d just discovered how to see again.

Learning to see what truly lies before you changes your life. Seriously.  It brings you to being present here and now with unveiled, unfiltered, focused awareness. Like a Bodhisattva. Then you add the gift of identifying a new skill. Your hand holding the pencil CAN follow the path of your eyes as they trace the outline of what they see. On top of that, the brain collaborates. Recognizing the relationships among the shapes, the actual proportions of what connects to what and where, allows you to find your accuracy again..

The women giggled with delight at this dance, this wholeness.  One of them bubbled up with an idea. “I want to try my hand at painting. Could you show us how to paint like this? In the moment, in the now. We could have big panels, more students, move around, stand up. I can even provide a larger space.”

Their contagious enthusiasm leapt right into my heart. “What would you call a class like that?” I asked.

“Deep Dreaming,” she immediately responded.  Shivers of ”Yes” raced along my arms.

A few weeks later, four of us gave it a try. Wildly exciting, we decided to ask a few more friends to join us and in January 2018, eight of us began. In preparation, we original four built large wooden panels for everyone, primed them, even made eight easels so we could all stand to paint.

We quickly realized that we were traveling together in new territory. Co creating a new world, a new – perhaps old – way of being in community.. pilgrims on a journey, the painting process brought tears of grief and tears of joy, laughter, mutterings and natterings, stories, poetry and blessings and singing spontaneous song: Paint on top of paint on top of paint. No need to be afraid.





New words are coined. ARTangels popped out as someone tried to say, “It’s as if archangels are looking over us.” At another session the word Creageous tumbled forth. We latched on to that one as if our lives depended on it…and they do.
Creageous – adjective – describes those who act creageously ( adverbial form ).  Those who say, “ NO WAY…I am not patriarchy’s daughter. I belong to earthsky, airsea, galaxyinfinity, eternitynanosecond.
Those who say, “ YES, I am who I am.” Those who claim their  right to be more than they thought they were by making leaps of faith in trusting Creator to show them the way forward, following their heart’s footsteps and embracing the wisdom of unseen energies, ancestral spirits, and other living beings at the same time s/he values science and technology.

Creageous may be applied to humans entering the next great round of evolution for our species. Barbara Marx Hubbard calls the evolving human, homo-universalis. Other thinkers call us the ECO-centric human. Those who follow the path of creageousness call the new human creageougenic!

Related states are: courageous, creative, outrageous, advantageous and awe-inspiring.

Creageousness – noun:  the complex and all encompassing state of being in the flow, experienced by few modern humans whose souls are straight-jacketed by narrow cultural definitions of normalcy to which most urbanized and westernized humans aspire. Creagousness provides courage and comfort for those who know life is not theirs to control, mystery abounds, grief and love are ubiquitous and essential emotions, making art heals and juiciness prevails.

What do you think?






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Singing Ourselves Home

In February 1983 I experienced the vision of my lifetime. Ripped open to seeing, hearing, knowing, experiencing the true nature of reality – all that is hidden from my normal awareness, I knew vividly, undeniably, a bone deep knowing beyond all doubt that has sustained me ever since.

The truth I experienced is this: the universe is held together by vibration. The vibration is sound and its “friction” creates light, everywhere sparking light sparkling while the music emanates from absolutely e very thing…all the music of all the worlds of all time were known to me and it was glorious. Unreportable and unrepeatable in this limited world of so-called matter but nonetheless REAL to my awareness.

Coincidentally, only last week, I learned a little about our electromagnetic spectrum which includes the world we see with our eyes, the familiar rainbow light spectrum that we see when the sun shines. A Nova PBS documentary called Earth from Space showed me that the electromagnetic spectrum, if it were a ribbon, would stretch from NYC to LA…thousands of miles long.  This energy spectrum includes radio waves, infared, X-ray and ultraviolet and a host of other wavelengths whose names I do not know and we cannot see with our eyes alone.  Without technological support, 99.99999999% of that energetic ribbon of possibilities is beyond our awareness. Mathematical computations and computer graphics reveal a lot of it but the electromagnetic spectrum visible to us ordinarily is only the width of a dime on that long, long ribbon…That fact makes my mouth drop open with awe.

For thirty-five years my creative life has been devoted to trying to illustrate the vision I had in 1983. I always fall short in my estimation because that is the nature of expressing something ephemeral in “concrete” form. Creative expression suffers from that truth because it is so hard for most of our egos to bear imperfection, but bear it we must because we need to be engaging with that mysterious, miraculous web that sustains the balance of life on this planet.


Which brings me to Monday this week, September 04, 2017. I am  midday through an online class with Chloe Goodchild, a mentor of mine whom I met about fifteen years ago when I lived in Missoula, Montana. She came there to offer a weekend workshop called the Naked Voice.  The course she’s offering with the Shift Network is called Liberate the Voice of your Soul and each session includes optional break-out groups after the session in which you are randomly placed with 2 or 3 others from around the globe to practice singing together.


On Monday I decided to try an afterclass break-out group for the first time. Untethered by a fifteen minute time frame, this is what happened:

Pregnant silence follows our singing.

Goosebumps, a sure sign of being in the presence of spirit, rise on my arms. My nose tickles and eyes glisten. In fact, a few drops of water meander down my cheeks before the singing stops.

What just happened?

I, maybe we, feel so richly blessed and deeply stirred. I am still glowing two days later.

But what is this? Really, what just happened?

Online, four strangers, I among them, have just bathed the planet with blessings.

We didn’t plan to do it.

An Irish woman asks a Japanese man if he will offer his overtone chanting for us again so that this time we might sing along with him. He agrees. A polyphonic river streams from his mouth. Rivers carve valleys while song birds sing and screams of eagle echo off mountain walls and hot springs bubble and hiss. We three women close our eyes and swim with his strong current. Irish, English, Japanese and North American, our four voices weave and though we didn’t plan on doing it, we conjure a whole new universe.

My own throat releases as my song currents bobble, eddy and swirl with the three other singing rivers. Whistling even pours out of me but no one seems to mind. We sing for an hour,…or maybe a minute…, long enough to create a world where love is the ground, trust is our nature, compassion our heartbeat and co-creating the litany:

Alive, alive, alive, alive,
to be so alive together
we four,
separated by
continents, sixteen hours, genders and cultures
sing in real time
our voices meeting in that field
far, far beyond where the wisdom is.




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E Pluribus Unum


Yesterday, Nov 22, 2016, e pluribus unum started whispering in my head…This morning, the words were clamoring for attention so of course I googled! Sure enough, e pluribus unum used to be our country’s traditional – though unofficial – motto from 1776 until 1956 when Congress passed an act adopting “In God We Trust” as the official motto.

Latin for “Out of many, one”, e pluribus unum once suggested that a single nation was emerging out of many states or colonies. “In recent years its meaning has come to suggest that out of many peoples, races, religions, languages, and ancestries has emerged a single people and nation – illustrating the concept of the melting pot.”  ( Wikipedia )

The promise of our country and the possibilities of our pluralistic culture represent the new world order in ways unimagined when the “new world” was first discovered.

As Americans, our subconscious knows that e pluribus unum is at the bedrock of our founding. But our history as migrants seeking freedom by killing off the population of people already living here for thousands of years, that terrorism tortures our souls, whether we’re aware of that shadow in our psyches, or not.

Those 13 letters still appear on our Great Seal – you know the one with the bald eagle holding an olive branch and arrows in his/her claws. The same general motif and e pluribus unum are still pressed onto the back side of our new shiny dimes. We touch that idea – one out of many – every day of our lives!

E pluribus unum leads me to see the statue of liberty in my mind’s eye…that iconic symbol of an American sanctuary  for all who are tired and poor and broken. Our culture is founded on deception and we are unconscious of living that duplicity. Saddled as a culture by a form of schizophrenia, we find solace in addictions, including violence to each other.

It hurts.


Image above: We All Feel It by E. Van Duine

We are a country founded by invading European peoples. Founded in our search for religious freedom, we promptly destroyed the “religion” already extant on this continent, killing off whole nations of people, doing to them what had been done to us earlier when we still lived as if the God in all life mattered, when we experienced reverence for the forest, the rivers and seas, for the sun and stars.

Our nation’s newer motto states that we trust in God.  God made ALL of us and in his/her image too! God made humans in many shapes/sizes/colors, made an incredible array of creatures, gorgeous rivers, waves of grasses, blue skies – the things we sing about in our anthems – and yet the dominant corporate culture rapes and pillages those very same beauties in pursuit of profit and commits violence to the humans who courageously stand for the sacredness of the Godmade elements on which our lives depend.

We TRUST in GOD. Really??

The “dominant” American culture lives with a split at the heart of our Selves, a rent in our hearts. Is it not time to begin healing the wounds?

E pluribus unum/In God we Trust.

Let’s bring the true meaning of our OWN words to how we live our lives.


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