Becoming Whole – Part 3

Despite exploring expanded states of consciousness for 30 years, despite 40 years of spiritual practice and wilderness adventures, despite exploring my imagination and artistry for most of my lifetime – I am now in my 9th decade – new perspectives arrived only last week. As my colleague and I prepared for our next session of “What’s Love Got to Do with IT?”, we stumbled upon a series of video excerpts from Duane Elgin’s longer presentations. All of them bend my mind in new directions, but one in particular, only 2.28 minutes long, took me to brand new territory. His message is totally familiar since I had a vision in 1983 that gave me an experience of what he describes. That visionary experience transformed me and has guided my life ever since. But Elgin’s articulation now gave new flesh to my old bones’ truth.

Elgin begins by asking us to pay attention to current scientific discoveries about the universe: 96% is dark matter, dark energy. He immediately says – and of course I paraphrase – No no no. don’t worry. Dark doesn’t mean bad, evil…that’s just our culture talking. Dark simply means invisible!

Then he asks: Doesn’t it seem reasonable, since we’re made of the same ingredients as the universe, that we’re 96% invisible too? This suggests that when our body dies, 96% of us may continue…

He goes further: This invisible energy and infinitesimal matter inside our bodies provide feelings, intuition, responsiveness and keep our body well-functioning. According to worldwide spiritual traditions, this invisible universe within harbors soul.

And what is soul? According to these same traditions, our soul resonates with four spiritual qualities: light, love, music and knowing. And those qualities bring us right back to science. Light, love, music and knowing all relate to vibration, to resonance and that is what string theory espouses too. The universe is one great orchestration of music. Soul is music and each of us has a unique soul song, like our fingerprint on the outside, our soul song sings us on the inside…and outside, too, if we are willing to give it voice.

How does this perspective animate and enlarge your imaginative capacities?
AND isn’t it soothing to hear that spirit and science sing together in these current times? No more disharmony…
Imagine how this perspective may enlarge your own sense of wholeness after centuries of separation.

Here is the link to this particular Duane Elgin video: Are we mostly invisible? Elgin has written a number of books including Voluntary Simplicity, the Living Universe, and Choosing Earth.


About Deborah

Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D. is an artist, mentor, and eco-psychologist, mother of four and grandmother of eight.
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