Becoming Whole – #2: Who Will We Be?

Part 1 concluded with this question:
Who will we be as a species if we give ourselves enough time on Earth to become truly whole?  

I am enthralled by imagining who humans could be. I see us standing at the trailhead of a momentous adventure, not yet fully appreciating the miracle unfolding before us. Evolution doesn’t stop. We are a young species. Imagine our earliest days 150,000 years ago. Our sense of self must have blended into the environment around us. We probably responded to experience, to needs like hunger, warmth, coolth, dryness, thirst, without much logical thinking. We did what we had to do and responded in concert with all other life around us. We lived as “right-brainers”. But then our species began longing for something more. Was it possible to develop further? Of course. For 10,000 years or so ( I consider this the modern era ) our species began waking up to our ability to think. We expanded our intellectual capacity and the left hemisphere of our brains. To do that we had to depress all our other ways of being in order for our new cognitive skills to be articulated, honed and habituated.

How else could we learn to be headcentered rather than bodywise?
And we slowly became conscious of choice!

Imagine NOW. We humans are beginning to realize we have separated our heads from our bodies for long enough. We’re missing something. We have denied the value of half of our brain! We have diminished our aliveness by dishonoring our feelings, ignoring our gut knowledge, dismissing our intuition, and destroying our reverence. We have alienated ourselves from the ground of our being at the same time we have forced ourselves to believe that the only reality that’s real is the one we can shatter, the one we can count. We have denied the reality of energy, the invisible, the inaudible when all of that is actually around us all the time. Think about something as basic as gravity. We can’t see it or smell it or touch it, yet it governs everything we do.

We have forgotten ALL that we used to know.

Imagine the potential of a whole brain. Imagine our two brain hemispheres dancing the tango – their partnership allowing expansion never before possible. Imagine that same fullsome brain dancing gladly with the bodymind, Then, we will have access to our entirety, heart wisdom included, to choose how we want to live.

Oh my, who will we be then?

Imagine, that our sensory capacities are remembered – not just 5 or 6 that we identify now, but maybe 106… That our intuition knows no limits. Imagine that by being embodied, we can actually expand our consciousness further. I think of my body as a semi-permeable membrane, that allows me to travel in non-ordinary worlds at the same time I am happily tethered to this ordinary world of matter. Imagine that, even without virtual reality technology, we can literally experience being another: a jaguar, a seed, a dying star, an estuary, a salmon…Imagine that, even without the use of psychedelic drugs, we can commune with the spirit world, tune into the intelligence of life itself. A few original people still know how to journey far beyond mapped territory. Medicine people still know how to commune with the spirit world and bring wisdom back to the community. All of us have these capacities within us, waiting like a hibernating bear to be invited out into the warm light of Spring.

Imagine who we can CHOOSE to be!


About Deborah

Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D. is an artist, mentor, writer, mother of four, grandmother of eight. who inspires humanity's Great Turning: our evolution to living as a "whole" human, with headbrain and bodymind collaborating, with science and spirit dancing, with rationality, intuition and the ephemeral co-creating.
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