Eye Contact

This week in BIG, we’re beginning each day by drawing in our journals. Kind of like Julia Cameron’s morning pages.

I realize I’ve only done it for two days, but so far, I love starting the day with drawing while I’m sitting in bed with my coffee and toast. Well actually, I read first while drinking my coffee and eating my toast. Then I draw. Somehow, drawing entices me in a way that journal writing every morning does not. This could easily become a non-verbal habit!

I think I’d become really balanced don’t you?

Monday found me sprawling with spirals then coloring in around them. Mindlessly, just letting the pencils choose themselves and marveling at the rhythm of the ins/outs and pondering why occasionally the out never led to an in and the almost enclosed space could go on forever. In some cases, rather than force the issue, I left it white and kind of liked that unfinished look of potential.

Last night, my spirit group met. I call the practice Ecstatic Wisdom Postures ( my links button hasn’t been working for awhile. You can learn about Postures right here on this blog by clicking on the Ecstatic “page”) and it’s based on our ancient ancestors’ art work – artifacts found in sacred sites around the globe. I had a profound experience of seeing the world through a whale’s eyes, then through a chained dancing bear from long ago, then through a bull’s in combat with the toreador, ( Have you seen that amazing image on YouTube? …the toreador humbled by the bull’s innocence and confusion reflected in his eyes. ). Rapidly I saw through the eyes of many other innocent creatures who have suffered at human hands, including innocent humans. I almost succumbed to anguish so huge I would have made a mess of the rest of the evening.

I realized during the ecstatic trance that eyes have been a theme for me in my writing and my art work for much of my life and it’s high time I do something more focused on the importance of eye contact.

So this morning, in my morning pages, I had to do a human eye and from that other eyes came forth all linked by that meandering spiraling line. This feels potent to me and I see how inadvertently there is a small eye in yesterday’s image and of course a spiral in today’s…no accident I’m sure though I didn’t plan that interconnection.

May you see with new eyes today, as I am, too.


About Deborah

Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D. is an artist, mentor, writer, mother of four, grandmother of eight. who inspires humanity's Great Turning: our evolution to living as a "whole" human, with headbrain and bodymind collaborating, with science and spirit dancing, with rationality, intuition and the ephemeral co-creating.
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