Persistence Paid Off

Around the Bend sold ten days ago at the same time we were engaged in our ceremony “Re-storying our Modern Lives.” Such serendipity!

I am jubilant and grateful.

Who’s Dreaming Whom, my first large Claybord piece ( 2 ‘ x 3 ‘ ) also sold. Both images almost flew out the gallery door. The smaller ones, which I thought would sell instantly, haven’t budged from the wall!


Who’s Dreaming Whom?

 In my dreams, the bear comes,
a mother with cubs inviting me to see:
frolicking, suckling, guiding, protecting
I wish for a mother to be that for me.

 In my dreams, the bear comes,
reaching for berries, startled by me:
Standing, he squints, weaves, sniffs the breeze.
Fur rippling over muscles, he chooses to flee.

 In my dreams, the bears come,
seeking garbage, ribs easy to see.
Anxious and collared,
pursued by dogs, darted from trees,
bears struggle to live, no longer free.

                  Do the bears have nightmares, dreaming of me?

What nightmare am I dreaming?

I yearn to paint big – I have wanted to paint big for years now – Many encourage me to paint big, yet I keep holding back using the depressed economy as my excuse. More expensive paintings won’t/can’t sell.

And yet when I review my sales over the last six years, every big one either sold promptly or was commissioned. One even sold before it was finished. The patron wanted it just the way it was!

As I look at these purchasing facts, it is obvious that I need to re-story my conclusion.

I have been blind long enough!

And I wonder what conclusions in your lives are you not seeing clearly?

It may be time for you to re-story your life’s journey, too!!

Happy trails…


About Deborah

Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D. is an artist, mentor, and eco-psychologist, mother of four and grandmother of eight.
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