One human tribe


Ok, World, I don’t yet know how to program this blog yet. And so I keep putting off writing for it which is just an excuse, isn’t it? So I add a new comment here today and tomorrow will let my friends know I’m doing this. Please contribute. I want this to be a place to weave the stories of our future history as tribe human on this small blue planet we call home.

Today, as Spring springs forth here in the Pacific northwest, flowers bloom, leaves pop and bees, literally, buzz, thank goodness.  I am reminded of the diversity of nature and wonder why don’t we humans embrace ourselves as a single tribe with many clans?

What would nature be without the diversity of trees -spruce and pine, aspen and willow – none feeling excluded because they are not in the same family.  Think how different their lives are, some green all year and others all spikey and bare and skeletal in their beauty.

Other examples pop into my mind – petunia and rose of the flower tribe, different clans, each smelling delicious but oh so very different. The rose lives for years and years and petunia, in her fragility, dies off every season, yet we humans value both.

Belgian shepherd and collie of the canine tribe, similar noses and ears, but different clans, different temperments.

Ant and fly of the insect tribe but one flies the other does not, each are valuable, and have life experience that only a creepy-crawley and a winged one can have.

And wings do not a bird make.

My bones carry the memory of sweet surrender finding my clan – in England, dancing with Druids in a rainy, muddy field, two concentric circles, looking into each other’s eyes – most skins pale, most eyes blue – this is my clan AND my tribe – tears stream down my cheeks of coming home at last – a quality of common ground different from dancing in ceremony with my Native American friends, my Jewish friends, my African American friends. All these varieties of people rich and meaningful threads in the tapestry of my life, and yet I feel more rooted with those who know the sacred groves, the wells, the stones and trees of the land where my grandfather and his father walked. I belong on that land in a way I do not belong in this country of my birth. Even though I am native here, I am not native in the eyes of those whose lineage goes back thousands of years here.

That, too, needs healing as we are all people indigenous to this planet.

Enough thinking for now. I encourage you to think about your own indigenosity…how does your nativeness find a place in your bellymind, your heartsoul at this time of rebirth in the seasonal round? And I thank you in advance for responding.

About Deborah

Deborah Jane Milton, Ph.D. is an artist, mentor, writer, mother of four, grandmother of eight. who inspires humanity's Great Turning: our evolution to living as a "whole" human, with headbrain and bodymind collaborating, with science and spirit dancing, with rationality, intuition and the ephemeral co-creating.
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2 Responses to One human tribe

  1. Lora Jansson says:

    Many years ago, the Spirits taught me a great lesson. We are now One Tribe Only. The panet is small now in the same way it used to be large. Now our blue orb is the land of our ancestors, all the peoples. and the descndants.

    Perhaps the Elm and Pine get along so well is because they are content with the beauty of Spirit they have. How do we accept and act on this teaching?

    To see the beauty in ourselves and understand we are not not better than the bear, only different — if this one thing could happen, I can see everything changing. My dog can’t write a symphony, but then again I can’t smell as she does — 40,000 times greater than me. Why is one skill more important than the other?



    • Exactly, Lora. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

      I was deeply humbled one time as I watched a beaver interact with her child. I suddenly realized how ineffective I was as a human without the help of technology. Avatar, the movie, portrays that so beautifully, too. Humans caged by their own technology…can’t even breathe without it.
      May we humans begin to choose the wisdom that honors a dose of humility.


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