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Wonders of Water

March 22nd was a global call to bless our waters. I didn’t have time that day to offer the proper prayer called for but luckily prayer comes in many forms. As I rode the ferry that morning back to the … Continue reading

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Seeing PLAID

I’m energized by my online art class called BIG with Connie Hozvicka. But this afternoon I thought I might tear out my hair as I tried to complete one of her assignments. If I’d known how hard it is to … Continue reading

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Cultivating Mystery

The Clan of the Dreaming Bear met on Monday night. Huh? Simple enough to explain really. We’re a group of humans who gather every other week to open the door to expanded consciousness via Ecstatic Wisdom Postures. The name Clan … Continue reading

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Gossamer Threads

My friend flies in from Boise to assist at the ceremony, Re-Storying our Modern Lives – a Ceremony to Renew a Living Myth for Eairth. She’s suffered a lot recently, so we walk a nearby beach to ground ourselves in … Continue reading

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Accidental Grace

Gloryoski! Now that might not be a word, but the sound, the syllables, the shape of the letters express my dismay – a month has flown by since I last wrote. Gloryoski! That word bellows with my shock and amazement. … Continue reading

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Lightening and thunder startle me and the dogs this morning just as a grey dawn breaks the day open. It’s almost winter, and the rain is torrential, the temps are in the 50’s…by 9 a.m. or so, the sky is … Continue reading

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Of Bear and Salmon

Where do the days go? Really, where??? Are they scrolled up at the edge of the world waiting for history to assess them? Have they dropped into the molten cauldron at the center of the earth or flung themselves past … Continue reading

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